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     Eldress Sharron Gregory was born and raised in Richmond California.  Her Journey in Christ first began in 2003 where she came in to the Victory Gospel Spiritual Growth Center of San Antonio TX. Broken, bruised and addicted to power cocaine she found Jesus Christ who healed, delivered and set her free! She then began to recognize the calling on her life and started to train for full time ministry.  In 2006 she  encountered a devastating set back and fell out of the will of God. But, Thankful to God's Mercy and Grace she made it back to the Spiritual Growth Center in 2007.She was back with a vengeance, vowing in her heart and unto God that no matter what ever happened in her life she would never turn away from God's Love.  She vowed to help as many people that she could to come into the knowing power of Jesus Christ. So she then began her training all over again. 

      She was an armor bearer to her First Lady Prophetess Jackie Banks and the personal secretary to her father in the faith Bishop Donny Banks. For a period of time she was a training Leader to the women of the Spiritual Growth Center.  In 2009 she met Elder Canyon and two years later they got married, had two beautiful twin girls, and became the Home Directors of the Spiritual Growth Center. 

         Eldress Sharron Gregory received her Pastoral license in 2013 and is a successful graduate of Son-ship School of the Firstborn.On May 25th, 2018, she received her Sacerdotal license. She has dedicated her entire life to helping men and women from all walks of life so that they can be all they can be in Christ.  She is a teacher, a leader and is very passionate for a lost Soul.  She is a firm believer that what the enemy means for your bad, God is well and able to turn it around for your good!


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