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      Elder Canyon Gregory was born and raised in Lubbock Texas, in an affluent home. As he grew older he fell into a lifestyle of substance abuse which took him down a path of destruction.  In January 12th 2008, he entered into the Victory Gospel Spiritual Growth Center of San Antonio, TX. From the moment he set foot into Victory Gospel, his life has never been the same. This is the place where he found salvation and learned the Love of Jesus Christ through his pastors and mentors, Bishop Donny, and Prophetess (Mama) Jackie Banks.  After finding salvation he learned that God had called him into full-time ministry, and he then began his training.   

      This Man of God with the heart of a servant became a training leader in the Spiritual Growth Center and learned how to help the men and women who came through the ministry.  He then continued to serve under the Man of God, Bishop Donny Banks, as his armor bearer for nine years. He later was appointed to be the Home Director, in which he continued to help in the uplifting and building of Gods kingdom. On May 12th, 2013, Elder Canyon received his Pastoral license. He also obtained his Sacerdotal license April 22nd, 2016, then on May 25th , 2018 he received his Ordination license. 

    Elder Canyon Gregory has always had a burning desire to go back to his home town to share the Good News with ambitions to follow in the same footsteps as his parents in the Faith.  On August 30th, 2016 Victory Gospel Chapel and Victory Gospel Spiritual Growth Center of Lubbock TX was born; which was when his journey begun in saving the Lost at any cost in his own home town. Today, Elder Canyon Gregory is a dedicated son, a passionate father of five children(2 boys & 3 girls), and a loving husband of nine years.  Together, he and his wife are co- laborers in the Faith and their mission and mandate is to........................   TAKE THE LAND FOR JESUS.


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